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I’ve always thought of as an extension of People; like us, brands have a lifetime journey too. Every day a new brand is born and like a new-born kid, it also will come with specific characteristics and attributes, which only become evident and clear as we come in contact with it on a regular basis.

Likewise brands also need some rules which will allow it to create a distinguished picture of itself in the industry. These rules are made by carefully examining its economy, competition and the purpose of its presence.

Afterwards, when a child starts going to school, he develops his own list of’do’s and don’ts and a method of life that’s customised to his needs and fantasies. A brand, also, builds its dos and don’ts which clearly state how it will look, act and talk. The same as the simple things that guide us in life regular form the cornerstone of our existence and make things incredibly organized and simple, brand guidelines, in a really efficient and systematic way put emphasis on how the brand will unleash its own content to the world. This provides a good frame to use as a starting point for any branding work.

Exactly like the traffic signs, guidelines bring a sense of direction. Creativity within limits can be challenging, but at exactly the exact same time, it provides the essential direction. And in the long run, you could just be exploring a variety of avenues without knowing where exactly to go. When a thoughtful manual is made, it provides a clear understanding to the branding team about the best way best to go about things instead of just beating around the bush.

Life with no rules is unthinkable. Then, how can a new live its life with no regulations and guidelines? It is these guidelines which set the brand apart from others; they provide the essential direction to attain its objective. This is vital since it ensures that there is consistency and symmetry in the voice that echoes with the audience. This will then create brand awareness and build confidence.

So, whether you’re a startup, an already well-established brand or considering rebranding, it is never too late to come up with brand guidelines.

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